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How to Organize the Cabinet Under the Sink via

The junk drawer is the quintessential organizing project, and while it's definitely helpful to get all that random crap under control, there's another space that gives us way more anxiety: the kitchen cabinet under the sink. First of all, we find ourselves having to dig around in there way more often than any junk drawer. One day we're in search of a fresh sponge, the next it's the bottle of Windex. Second, the square footage is much larger, and therefore the mess is much larger. "The main reason it gets gross under the kitchen sink is because it is both a deep and high space. That’s a perfect storm, organizationally speaking," says Ann Lightfoot, founding partner of professional organizing company Done & Done Home. So, how can we whip the space into shape and get back to living our lives? Ann and pro organizer Laura Cattano broke it down for us.

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